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We specialise in producing integrated digital applications specifically built to meet your most demanding business needs.

Unlike the vast majority of commodity website builders, we specialize in designing flexible "back-end" databases that follow the contours of your business, and encourage continuous improvement, with capacity for profitable evolution. "It’s all about the data"

Our User Interfaces are built to match all of your Use Cases, instead of cobbling together generic modules into an approximate solution that will need to be redesigned every time your business grows to its next plateau.

Service Level Commitment:
24/7 support
Continuous monitoring of your applications usage.
Fast response to User feedback and new ideas.

Business web applications - full tier

Visual Purple Web Design writes proffesional code for any platform

Any Platform

Solutions built on any platform are always "adaptive" to all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop etc.)

VPWD provides safe and secure Hosting and SaaS

Ultra High Availability

It works. It’s always backed up. It’s secure. It’s your business. Sleep at night.

Expert code written just for your business

Refreshing Approach

Visual Purple builds your unique business-appropriate application using the latest generally accepted technical standards, to give you a competitive advantage, with full peace-of-mind.


Tightly integrated teamwork

Web structured

Visual Purple employs robust web architectures, based on modern (and always evolving) Internet standards. Although our business is global, we are all seated at the same table, and we run our businesses efficiently, in real-time.

Centralized Process Standards

Beyond technical standards, our resource team works within robust “process” standards so that you can always predictably see where we are in the iterative development cycle.

Comprehensive Skill Sets

Visual Purple’s team of professional business analysts, developers and support specialists have both experience, and the right blend of credentials, to ensure a successfully deployed business solution.

A Good Match is Vital

Rather than churning out a hasty boilerplate quotation, the Visual Purple team prefers to engage in appropriately detailed upfront discussion of your business needs, to ensure a solid fit, and an agreed upon timeframe that recognizes our current project commitments and your staff availability..



Thanks to all our clients for their kind words and custom

"Visual Purple has developed and maintained all our technical infrustructure right from our inception, Everything from concept right through to server management"
Public Service Request
"Once our purpose for existence was declared, Visual Purple took over and designed and built every facet of our online tooling, an incredible job considering the complexity"
St James Art Tours
"This is our 10th year of St. James' Art Tours and Visual Purple has powered us to this point.  You will find them so responsive and creative you'll wonder how you survived without them"


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